Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Okay there a couple of things in my mind right now. I guess the whole quiet and dull 3-days holiday is getting to me.

First off, after going through like a couple of weeks of long ... LONG queue. I realize how unfair it is that cinemas don't provide another separate line for non-premier movies. Previously I've gone to the cinemas thinking of watching Bodyguards and Assassins which seemed really good in the trailer. By the time I've decided to watch, it was shown a week or two already. To my disappointment there was a long line waiting for me right in the face. Not only did the line filled up the provided zig-zag mace but it continued on till the escalator area. Sad to say most of them were just there to see Avatar which premiered at that time. And I guess my business is set aside pretty much. Seeing the line I've decided to watch it this week instead.

To my disappointment... AGAIN, the Bodyguards and Assassins now only have 2 sessions which are both too late for me since they are both in the evening and at night. Hey, can't blame me for being a "pirate" LOL. And since I could not watch the show I chose to watch Avatar now since everything has somewhat cool down for it. No more freakishly long line of people who thinks watching it first makes any difference then watching it on the last day. Sad to say I was met with another freaking long line. But luckily this time I went early and the line wasn't as long as the last time. This time the culprit was Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

This is just basically one of the scenario that kinda troubled me somehow. Another scenario is for example, it's 10.30 and I want to watch an 11.00 show that is shown for a couple of weeks already. Sadly to say, I won't make it due to the line being superbly long. Again this line of people is just there to watch premier shows. So there goes another happy customer.

I think the cinemas should really come up with a non-premier show line. I don't mind lining up in that if I know that I will be in front of more than half the people that went to the cinema. I think it's also a winning situation for the cinema since people are not just rushing for the premier shows but also the normal shows that people usually fail to watch since there is freakishly long queue in front of them.

I think this is getting too long. The last thought in my mind at the moment for now.... is ... gosh darn it, bands consisting of female members are such a turn-on LOL. Just moments ago after looking through Google for some drummer name, I came upon the group Stereopony, a Japanese rock band consisting of a female drummer (the one I was looking for), female bassist and female guitarist/vocalist. Ahhhh... something about them that makes it sound good. Though upon listening further the band is just pretty normal. But who cares...

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