Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Headphones and Massive Paperwork

Just a bit of an update. Recently my headphone have been smashed to pieces by myself. Not intentionally of course but I really learn a lot from this headphone. Dropping it on the floor from a desk constantly is not a good idea (d'oh). Anyhow one day after it dropped on the floor, it broke to two. I am not kidding and I even got image to prove it. Apparently the metal strip frame that gives the headphone the shape sort of detached from one side of the headphone speakers and... well you get the idea from the image I guess. It was a Koss headphone. Pretty not too bad average headphone but sadly I guess it's the way it was designed that somehow it just doesn't sit properly on my table and kept dropping on the floor.

OK, the whole image is basically messed up, I know. That's why I labeled some of the parts. Number 1 is the sponges that cushions the ear. Number 2 is the curved metal frame/strip and Number 3 is the ear pieces. I guess it didn't turn out like that when I drop it. I sort of remove the metal part in hopes that I can still hang the ear pieces on my ears and use it temporary. Sadly I guess it wasn't meant for that and it didn't fit that well.

So I went and got myself a new headphone. I guess I am the proud owner of Sony MDR-V250. Nothing to brag about just a normal headphone. A bit tight on the ears, it's currently giving me a bit of a sore. Overall still pretty good headphone. I guess it's a smaller version of studio headphones. Blocks lot of ambience sounds. Pretty decent bass.

OK right back to the second issue I am having. Lately I don't know why but my department and my whole "place" in general have been doing a lot of I guess unnecessary paperwork, which is fine with me if I am not the one doing it! A lot of things regarding over job and the relationship of my position towards the big mother company itself. Honestly speaking I thought it was sort of a bull seriously. I don't mind having paperwork and what not but at least make them related to my job in the first place. Last week I was bothered with some feedback forms that I need to fill in to literally rate myself. Took me a week I guess to figure out all the bombastic business terms used in the feedback.

This week I was again bothered with a written form that explains what my job is suppose to do and all the details regarding it. To sum it up, it's what they call a job term of reference. Basically it explains what the job is, what challenges it faces, the budget... believe it or not, Skills needed, etc. The whole 9 yards. And basically I spend the whole day filling it up. You can say that I am around 90% done I guess. Honest truth I think this should be filled by only certain people in the company. Even though we are executives but I don't think we are connected strongly to the managerial site of the company and personally I think some of the things that is in there should be filled in by HR or something cause seriously I wouldn't know what is the official requirement of the job and things of that nature.

However my Assistant Manager was good enough to fill in some of the stuff like organization structure and some basic information (which I would have gladly filled in myself). Although I really think that they should have helped me fill other things like competencies required for the job, qualification requirements, job dimension, etc. Oh well, I guess I will continue to fill them in tonight. Busy day tomorrow.