Friday, January 18, 2008

Update #1

I guess it's been pretty long since I actually updated anything. Probably so long that it seem to be unforgivable if I were ever to feel sorry or saying I am sorry to my readers (if any) that only writing down two posts for my updates would barely make a decent package of my I'm-Sorry-It-Took-So-Long-to-Update Combo. So I guess I should just do that.

A lot have happened and there seem to be a lot that I wanted to say that I guess it would actually fit more than two posts. Then again to be save and avoid any suicidal attempts among readers for being too bored. Gosh I really don't want my name or even the name of the blog to pop up in newspaper; "Teens kill themselves with blunt objects to avoid boredom from this guy's blog". I think I can imagine that.

Enough shenanigans and on with the real deal. I guess I would stay away from the usual method of arranging all my stuff in a chronology. That would just be too plain boring I guess. Yes I like being different, sue me.

I guess I should start with my hiatus for the past week or so. Basically it's a mix of a lot of things. Life have been surprisingly good. At some point a break for humanity seems to do me a lot of good that in fact I just don't have anything much to complain about. In fact I feel pretty much at peace. Simple as that... that and the stupid insect attack. Not so much of an attack but rather I came into contact with it... while I was asleep... smearing and rolling around it. I took from the wound I received that it didn't like the contact with me either that it actually smeared toxin from the juices in its body all over my body that supposedly according to Wiki is more potent than a cobra venom. No kidding. Anyhow it was nothing new to me. My room IS facing a palm oil plantation and basically I had it before... at least not this bad. This time I was pretty much having blisters on my right knuckles, along my lower back and my left elbow. Rashes or minor ones on my right hand, upper left chest and left forehead. Yes you can imagine how bad it is. Anyhow everything is well and after being paranoid for a week it's all better.

I would probably post some gross pictures of it like in a couple of days time just to show how bad it was and also something pretty funny about the scars that it left. Here I was thinking that the first image was going to be one of my very first art that I am proud of that I make myself but instead it's going to be an image of insect bites. Great. End communication.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Joyous Sin...

Recently there is this idea or rather a proposal that I had for God. Why not make Joy a sin? I mean everyone should be miserable as shit. At one moment I thought I have gone completely insane by thinking so. But slowly my idea only make more sense as time passed. I'm not talking about what good does Joy give to you but rather what your Joy give to others?

I mean I have to admit it, there were times when intense feeling of Joy filled me. But it's long gone along with time. During that time, I have to admit that I forget certain people's well being when I was having the time of my life. There is just so much Joy that somehow it clouded my mind preventing me from thinking about those who needs a little attention from me, a pair of ears to listen to their woes. Sadly I was a jerk and I feel ashame of being joyful.

When I think back the only time I ever turn to people is when I needed something; when I was bored, when I needed a ride, when I needed something done that I can't do. You name it. The times of need brought me closer to people and I was able to share with them my misery and they were able to do so as well. I got a chance to listen to them. But I guess I screw it up everytime I have Joy.

I thought this only happen to me. Sadly it happens everywhere. When people are having the time of their lives, they tend to forget a certain someone that just didn't cry out loud enough to catch their attention. Joy is just too loud.

Part of me felt the need to have Joy. Part of me felt that it's slowly poisoning me and everyone else. Just this mix of emotion that makes me can't seem to decide. Maybe one day I would be able to make the decision. Maybe one day you will be able too. Right now I feel like the person crying out loud to my friend. Now I feel how people might have feel when I forget about them for the joyous moments that shrouded and blinded me. Call me crazy for I feel that I want to let go of Joy and lend you my ears. Would you ever do that for me in my time of dire?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

People That Ticks Me Off... 2

Probably this is one of the people I missed out when I was talking about. Probably being the most harmless yet irritating at the same time. I would call this dumb if the word even fits him but then it would only be a disgrace to those who are dumb not by their own actions but fate itself.

Probably dumb would be a word best combine in a pot of gumbo full of words that would normally have taken a blow at the person who holds them individually. I guess dumb would be the word best describing a person who would probably be unaware of what is up and what is down. But to be someone who knows the meanings of those two simply words and still do mistakes regarding them keeps me in a speechless mode that goes on for the rest of the week.

I just came back from a lousy day I might say. Though in reality nothing bad actually happened. I had a great chat with people I want to chat with. I guess that really make my day. Now I am not someone who believes in superstitious stuffs but I guess the incident today proves me wrong. I was complaining to my friend about how bad the past couple of days were. Especially with a pair of sore legs. The thought of it keeps me out of focus for the whole day each time I took a step and stretch the muscles in my leg. I wouldn't say it excruciating but it does hit the spot in my mind. To add to the leg issue, I realized my upper chest, my right hand and left forehead is covered in blemishes with blister-like pain when rubbed. Most probably due to insect bites. I wouldn't go into that since it's going to be extinct anyways in a couple of months so why bother right?

Well basically that was pretty bad luck for me to have them all at the same time. I told my friend I was having some bad luck this couple of days. I of course was just kidding. But I guess the laughter stops when I took a step out. Planning to take my daily detour to the food area in my workplace, I took the left path instead of the right which leads me back home. Just a couple of steps and I heard it... the weird tapping sound as though small small objects dropping on metal sheets. Indeed what I heard was none other that what I feared most (I don't like bringing umbrella so I don't prefer rain)... yup rain. I mean talk about coincidence. It wasn't heavy at that time so I decided to cut the plan of getting dinner of my to-do list and head back fast before it gets heavier. It did indeed get heavier... while I was halfway back. Honestly I think I am having a shit load of bad luck. I need I guess purify my luck? Or some sort I don't know.

Anyways the post wasn't suppose to be about this yet it still takes up three quarter of the post. Weird stuff happens. Anyhow I was already not in the mood. I went in the elevator and press the button for my floor. After a couple of floors came in this guy with towel, short pants and a used t-shirt.... going up? Let me tell you this... a person carrying a towel, wearing short pants and t-shirt don't go up unless they are soaking wet. Basically you can guess from the look of him, he is going for the pool. But wait there is no pool upstairs. Great... though it didn't bother my trip to my floor (it did actually since my elevator ride had to stop and let him in so I just let that go, no biggie), the thought of how people think that being in the elevator on a pointless ride up and then back down can be of any help to them in shortening they travel time to the pool.

I am sorry but I just don't see the logic of it. How on earth does going up, press the ground floor button (oppsss wrong button) and lower ground button, arriving on the 11th floor (*ding* buttons reset) and again pressing the lower ground button (I am assuming that he didn't make the same mistake again) be any faster than wait for the elevator on his floor like every other people and just pressing the lower ground button once.

I am not trying to be whinny or anything but it just makes me speechless. I have only the right to assume that:
  1. He don't know which button is up and which button is down
  2. He don't know what is up and what is down
  3. He thinks the pool is upstairs and only realizing it when it reached my floor
  4. He REALLY thinks the pool is upstairs
  5. He would probably have had quantum physics major and somehow calculated that going up and down again is faster than going down only.
  6. He watched too much Narnia-like stories and thinks that the upper floor has a magical portal to a breath-taking swimming pool in another world.
  7. He is just another typical dumbass who just can't wait for elevators and pressed both up and down button cause he think he owns the elevator and God I also think he might think that he owns my couple of seconds that he wasted just to let him in the elevator for a joyride.

You decide I guess which person is he. I know which one I am picking.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year 2008...

Strangely the fuss wasn't there this year. I asked a couple of people and practically they weren't interested or lazy to go out anyways. I guess after so many years of hyping over it makes it kinda dull somehow.

For me new year is a terrifying thing... at least that's how it is in my thoughts. Basically new year just brings me closer to a lot of deaths and endings. If new year is the start of a new chapter, then the epilogue is just around the corner.

Lately by my own observations, it seems like the end is getting closer by the minute. There is just so much restlessness in the world. Freak accidents, clashes between piles of flesh we call human, natural disasters happening at awkward times, so much signs. There is just so much uneasiness in the world it felt like the world is giving out it's last will.

Trust me, I wish I was wrong, I really want to live forever. But then again it's impossible with the current situation. Everything, if I predicted correctly will fall apart in a matter of years. I hope my couple of years will be meaningful and I hope that I don't owe anyone anything by then. Preparation underway.