Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's been a while since I've wrote anything here. Mainly because I am pretty much swarmed by work and also I am pretty much emotionally stable for the past couple of months that it feels like there is just nothing much to rant about.

Of course there are days such as tonight where there are just a million things in my mind that just needs to blurted out. Even though there are minor things of the past, somehow they remained lingering in my mind hoping that one day I would be emotionally unstable again and start pouring them out again.

I think I've talked about this before but then again due to some recent (quite long ago actually) encounter with it I guess it doesn't hurt to use it again to get things started here. There is just something wrong when people somehow shows dislike of something that you do or decide to do. I mean what does it have to do with them in the first place ? It does not even effect them in the first place. If it was a bad choice I doubt I would go complaining to them or anything. Seriously most of the stuff that they show dislike of is quite petty. Why I don't have a car still ? Why am I still at ? The list goes on.

Secondly, it's my choice, something that I've given lots of thought into and I think it is a decision that I am comfortable making and I am pretty sure made me happy. I am not really sure why but somehow some people thinks that the things that they have decided in their lives are correct and anything that is against that is wrong. I mean seriously? If your choices or decisions are correct what makes mine wrong ?

Another thing that has been bothering me is the elevator. The past couple of weeks, on and off, one of the elevator was stuck on the top floor and just don't want to come down. As usual when there is just one elevator, it's pretty darn slow when I need to get back down to the ground floor which is still fine somehow. I mean what you gonna do right? Then comes the culprits who makes it even worse. Those that I have doubts on whether they are just plain stupid or ignorant. It's just those people that when you are going up, there is just one dude from one of the floor that press up but wants to go down. I mean seriously? ( I should stop saying that) The up button means you want to go up and the down button means you want to go down. I mean what is so hard about that? Is pressing both the up and down button making the elevator go any faster? Is it faster being in the elevator going the opposite direction before going the direction they want ? Sheesh...