Sunday, July 22, 2007

Everything has gotta start somewhere...

Frankly I do not know how to start this. What I do know is how it all started. I can tell you one thing; I am not much of a fan of this. I have never ever been a fan of blogging since day one. I guess the problem and the reason why can be traced back to myself. Funny, I’ve always considered myself of an individual that lacks creativity. I guess I was right.

To tell you the truth I didn’t start this willingly. I didn’t start it because of a thought. I start because there was a gun pointed to my head one day by someone. I am sorry but I can’t reveal to you the person’s true identity. But I can assure you the person is armed and dangerous. Hey the persons got to be dangerous. I mean who else could turn me, a person who strictly opposed to the idea of blogging to start a blog right?

What you don’t believe me? OK fine there wasn’t a gun pointed at my head but I was kind of forced to blog by that person. To that person, “You’re good… I give you that… you’re really good”.

Anyhow, making me register was the easy part. Coming up with ideas on what to write is another. Read somewhere that it is harder to write personal blogs when compared to topical blogs. I guess that article was right. After hours used to think of what to write, I came up with nothing in the end. Kind of expected that huh?

Once again I seek the presence of the person that forced me to start the whole thing. And the person told me “Start with a word and progress...” and after hours of discussion and group studies and tests. We finally decided on a starting point:

“F*&K...... i ain’t getting any!”

There… I guess we were both happy with this one. So I guess what the person told me was true after all. Things will progress after starting up with a word. Or in this case a whole sentence. I think I deserve some shut eyes.