Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Book

At some point, I felt somewhat bad for keeping such a small thing from everyone. Even from my parents and closest of friends. But I just don't want the attention. Being me I've never been the type. But then again sooner or later everyone will know anyways, it's better to put out the news first I guess. It was a though choice in life. I've never really done this before and I personally I am somewhat glad that I took the opportunity when it came in front of me.

It took quite a while to come up with the idea. Nevertheless it was a good decision. I spent roughly a month thinking and planning for it. It took me another couple of months to follow through with the plan and make everything work. I had to drop everything I was doing... except for my real job obviously. But finally it is done and I am somewhat proud of it.

The content was a big thing in the planning phase. I had to make sure that it had to be worth the money. Every piece of data should fit inside it somehow. I have to say it is definitely worth the trouble.

The cover was another matter that I had to settle and decide on at the very end. It had to look sleek and catch the attention of every person that sets their eyes on it. Chose a really grainy texture to the surface. Wasn't really bothered with thick covers. But I was somewhat disappointed later on that I chose something that is a little flimsy and thin. But hey, it's whats inside that is important right?

Then finally, today I got my hands on it. It just felt like the moment when a dad first held up his firstborn child with all the light effects and that heavenly effect going on behind them.

Then I realized something. Something was definitely wrong. The title ... the few words that explains what this book is about; the label of the book was all wrong. In fact it's not even close to what I had thought about earlier on! My heart broke as it says "WAT A RIPOFF".

But then everything seemed rather fine. It was a ripoff after all. Where is my freaking missing 70GB of space ? I think the image says it all. For the record its a 1TB hard drive and the display is only showing 930GB. Oh well, 930GB is still more than enough to fill in all the junk I've collected but was somewhat lazy to burn and pretty much too reluctant to delete off from my hard drive that is already gasping for more space.

The Western Digital
1TB 930GB My Book Elite External Hard Drive was a good pick for just RM395 RM380 that I got from some guy in the forum. Although I think I could have gone with the Essential version instead since it is around RM50 cheaper. The only difference between them was the "Smart" display on the case itself. The display doesn't seem to be the typical LED display. By default it seems to be displaying the default text "PICTURE 09" even without being plugged in. By going through the SmartWare, a software that came along inside the hard drive, I was able to change the label (thought somewhat limited in characters, would have preferred a marque) and save it. Its back-lit effect goes off and returns with the new label...might want to dig deeper into what material this is. My guess is some sort of static charge or something ? Besides the custom label, it also states the space in the hard drive (in the form of a bar and numbering) as well as the lock status of the hard drive.

The case is like I said pretty flimsy. Plastic all the way. Somewhat thin plastic. Though I was pretty amazed with how small it is. Besides that there really isn't much to talk about the drive. It auto-runs the SmartWare software by virtual drive. Gives the user the functionality to auto-backup and what not. In fact it syncs with the PC that you connect it to. I heard it is not really that good and I must say that I would not be using it anyways. Meh. I just want to drag everything that is in both my PC right into it. Period. More pics of it later on, when the lighting is better around here tomorrow for my shitty camera phone.