Sunday, September 6, 2009

Freaky Night or Freaky Me ?

Note to self; do not consume Redbull like ever! Seriously it's really making go really crazy at the moment. Seriously screw drugs, a can of this is enough to stimulate my mind like crazy. It feels like thoughts are going through my mind like 100 miles an hour or something.

Started off the night feeling really active and started telling childhood stories to someone like for hours literally. After that, when it was time for bed, it started to get really windy. It felt familiar enough and I was smart enough to get up and close the windows tight. Sadly to say it's really building up and it started to rain really heavy. The wind really isn't helping; it's literally blowing rain into my room and my window is not shutting properly.

And I thought it would be a great idea to tape some of the part that is leaking in strong wind. Bad idea; water started flowing in. Well it's not that bad. I mean I did manage to seal it pretty tight. I guess the small is just overflow or something.

Then the whole taping the window incident reminded me of some thriller show. Can't really recall the name of the show. The one where it started of with people to kill themselves. And it turned out like this "ghost" came from the net or something. And in the story people usually get freaked out and it turns out that the only way to "prevent" the ghost from coming in is by sealing the doors and windows with red tapes.

Shuckz now I need to stay awake long enough to see to it that my room and PC don't get soaked. I guess in the end it's a good thing that I drank the Redbull then. Ugh...

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